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We look forward to servicing your healthcare product needs with a winning combination of:

Quality Assurance 
Local Representation      
Prompt Delivery
Competitve Pricing
In-stock Warehousing
Personal Attention
Our Customer Service Department is staffed by accessible and knowledgeable individuals.  They have great market insight and are available to assist in researching virtually any customer need. 
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Customer Service Coordinator
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Customer Service
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Customer Service








Schaan Healthcare Products Inc. employs three highly qualified senior Territory Managers along with an in-house Sales Coordinator and an Inside Sales Associate. They are the single most valuable resource that we as a distributor can offer the end user. Our Territory Managers travel extensively throughout the province to service the needs of all Healthcare Facilities. Over the years they have built solid relationships and truly understand and know their customers. 
Tim Dillon Marcel Charpentier Brent Woods Dale Penner
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Territory Manager
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Territory Manager
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Territory Manager
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Sales Coordinator
Michelle Therrien      
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Manager, Sales & Business Development


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